How do I cancel, pause, or extend my wedding website?

If you wish to cancel your account, please go to the icon in the top right hand corner of your Editor and click the "Billing" drop down.

Once you are on the billing page, you will see the option to "Cancel my Riley & Grey account"

We will miss you!

Alternatively, if you are interested in extending your wedding website past the wedding date, we offer a $5 monthly Essential Plan for couples hoping to keep their beautiful site up and running after your special day has passed. You can choose to switch to the $5 monthly Essential Plan when you start the cancelation process.

Finally, if you are hoping to take your site offline and pause paying monthly/annual payments, but want to continue to keep your domain and access to your account, we can revert your account to our "Reserve Mode". When you're ready, you can bring your site back online by just clicking the black "Publish my site!" button at the top of your editor menu. If your domain is set to expire before you re-publish, we'll just need to process a $15 charge at that time to renew it if you haven't republished yet. If you're published by that time, the domain renewal will be included with your subscription cost.