Can I make my wedding website searchable on Google and track Google Analytics?

You can certainly lift the search engine restriction for your website. You can do this by clicking "Website Settings" in the left column of the Editor.

Then, you will see the options populate on the right column of your wedding website editor. Scroll down to "Search Engine Visibility" to permit or restrict search engines.

Please note that we have no control over how Google and other any search engines index their search results and are not able to know how long it will take for your site to show up when searched. Therefore, we highly recommend submitting your site directly to Google using their Search Console.

To submit your site to Google (which should speed up their indexing process), you'll need to visit the Google Search Console, which is a bit more complicated (they recently retired their submit links method of indexing):

  1. Go to
  2. Add a new property by clicking "Add property" in the top left corner menu
  3. In the dialog window, in the left-section under "Domain" enter your domain name
  4. The dialog window will update, and then say "Verify domain ownership via DNS record" in the title
  5. In the middle of the dialog, labeled #2, is "Copy the TXT record..." and a button that says "COPY"
  6. Click "COPY", this will copy the long value to your clipboard
  7. Paste the value given into an email sent to We will need to we enter the TXT record value into our system before you will be able to complete the verification process. After we add the TXT record, you will be able to go back and finalize the verification process.

Finally, we're not currently offering integration with Google Analytics, unfortunately. We rarely get requests for supporting that feature and as such we haven't worked with Google to integrate the service into our sites at this time. 

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