Can I edit the RSVP wording or sections?

Our RSVP page is very versatile and you are able to make changes to most of the wording within the Website Editor.

Toggle on/off the sections you would like to include/remove and change the wording to give it your own style and personality!

Additionally, at the very bottom of the RSVP Page Content you'll find the Custom Questions to enable, where you can add as many custom fields as you need, write whatever you'd like, and gather answers from dropdown options or an open-ended text box.

Tip: Use the RSVP form within the editor to view the experience the same way your guests will!

Looking to edit un-editable text? Under special circumstances, we may be able to accommodate changes. Please email

Keep in mind when submitting change requests, the form needs to remain in the "mad lib" format it's currently in, in order to correlate with the Guest Management system. Please also note that input methods are not customizable, and the order/arrangement of the sections needs to remain in place.

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