Can I edit the RSVP wording or sections?

Yes, you can edit the RSVP form. Our RSVP page is versatile and you are able to make changes to much of the wording within the Editor!

You can toggle on/off the sections you would like to include/remove. You also can change the sentences for most sections to give it your own style and personality! Finally, for any additional information gathering, you can enable the Custom Section(s) at the end of the RSVP form.

While you can edit much of the wording of your RSVP yourself, if you find a word or sentence that you are unable to edit that does not work for you, we may be able to accommodate changes (under special circumstances). Please e-mail Please note that when submitting change requests, keep in mind that the form typically needs to remain in the "mad lib" format it's currently in due to the way it's tied into the guest management system through the back end.

The input methods are not customizable, and the order/arrangement of the sections needs to remain in place. We will get the changes taken care of as quickly as possible, once we receive your email.