Tracking Status of Emails to Guests

A) Spam/Promotions

We do everything in our power to work with our email provider and companies like Google to reduce the chance of the email ending up in the Spam or Promotions folder of guests' email accounts. Depending on the person being emailed, their spam blocking behavior, how often they get emails from email addresses they've never received email from before, etc. factors into how a company like Google will categorize an email. The same email sent to two separate addresses could have one go through fine and the other one end up Spam, entirely based on Google'a assessment of the individual.

This is why we built the Status column into the Guest List. Your client will be able to see when an email was Delivered (but may be in spam), Opened (which means it definitely was read), Visited Site (the clicked the link and logged into the site) and RSVP'd. What we encourage customers to do is as the deadline of the RSVP gets closer, you can change the filter drop down menu of the Guest List report, choose the last option that allows you to hand-pick people, and then re-email them a second time kindly reminding them to RSVP.

B) “Email Dropped” Status

The "email dropped" status means our email service provider did not send the email to the destination email address intentionally. This is usually due to the email address being known to bounce in the past (a lot of companies use our email service provider, so it's likely that this email hasn't worked in the past when other companies have tried to email it) I would double check the email is spelled correctly and potentially ask the guest to confirm as well. If the guest confirms that the email is indeed valid, do let me know and I can escalate the matter with our email service provider to get more info.

C) "Email Delivered” Status

The status "Email Delivered" means our email provider got confirmation the email was successfully received by the recipient's email company (like Google). If the guest doesn't see it in their Inbox, I would ask them to check the Junk / Spam folder to see if it appeared there (and if it did, to mark it as "Not Junk" so their email providers algorithm improves).