Simple Mode vs Advanced Mode of Guest Management

Simple Mode: All guests see the same version of your website and the same RSVP form. Anyone with your wedding website link can access the website (though you can opt to add a password on the site as a whole for added security).

Advanced Mode:

The benefits of using Advanced Mode include the following:

a) Email guests and send digital save-the-dates, invitations, and other email correspondence

b) Specify who is invited with specific plus 1s for each guest

c) Create unique RSVP form tailored to each guest and a schedule page that only shows events that guest is invited to

d) Additional security because guests must log into wedding website with first and last name or their unique email address.

If you click on "Guest Management > Settings" in your editor menu, you will see the option to enable "Advanced" mode. Here is where you can also opt to have all guests automatically invited to all events if that is the case for your wedding festivities. Simply, toggle the "All guests are invited to all events" as displayed in the screenshot below.

If Advanced Mode is enabled, every guest will be required to provide their first and last name or unique email address in order to access your wedding website. You can change the guest log-in method by choosing "by name" or "by email".

Once a guest accesses your website, the information displayed will be customized for them specifically. You will have the option within Guest Management of restricting which events they see on your Schedule page, and therefore which events they can RSVP to. On top of that, this is where you would set restrictions, per person, on how many plus 1's each of them can bring.

Note that Advanced Mode requires that you create a guest list with all your guest names, while Simple Mode does not require a Guest List. Both simple and advanced mode will gather the information of submitted RSVPs and you will be able to access this data within Guest Management under "Collected RSVPs".