Advanced Mode: Send Digital Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and other email reminders to guests

Let's go over the steps for using Advanced Mode in Guest Management, and sending emails, digital Save the Dates, and invitations that match your website's design!

a) First, please make sure you are in Advanced Mode and build your Guest List. See the following help articles for directions:

b) Go to "Guest List" and then click "Email # guest(s)" button to get to the creation of your email.

Please note that you can specify which guests your email if you don't want to email all guests. That number will change based on how you've sorted the list by status, or if you've searched for an individual guest. For example, if you started typing "Riley" into your name search, she will be the only guest shown and the button will read "Email 1 Person". That means that once you send the email it will only go to that one person. You can specify by Status, Event, RSVP response, or manual selection as you can see below:

C) You will then arrive at the Email Preview and will see the following screen:

Edit the content accordingly to support your save-the-date, invitation, or any other email correspondence to your guests! Change the "Your Name" field (which would be yours and your fiancé's names), the subject of the email, and the body of the email. You can preview what the email will look like at any time by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom of the content column.

You also have different options for the email layout including the following: "Image + Text", "Image Only", "Custom Image + Text", "Custom Image Only", and "Text Only".

Please feel free to edit this accordingly and play around with the different options. If you have any issues or questions, please email and we will be happy to help!

D) Once your email is all set to send, make sure you save it and then click "Send to 1 guests" (again, this number will be specific to the number of guests you are emailing).

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